Commited to Excellence

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 United Mortgage Affiliates takes great pride in

being your hometown mortgage solution.

Our commitment to excellence puts us in the lead

when it comes to values, customer service and



Our dedication and high standards of performance have helped us build a strong network of lender relationships-both locally and on the national level-  allowing us to provide you with the loan program that is "custom made" to suit your needs.

 We have experience with just about every lending source in the business and you can feel confident knowing that there isn't a situation that we havent seen. With our combined 30+ years in mortgage lending, our team of licensed mortgage professionals can help you purchase your dream home, your ideal vacation home, or refinance your current mortgage for a lower interest rate.


Your Personal Team

At United Mortgage Affiliates, our goal is to get you

 into the mortgage program that best suits your

 individual needs and  to provide you with a level of

customer service that goes above and beyond the

industry standard.


Your personal Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator will work closely with you to determine your best options with regard to loan programs and interest rates.

You will also have a personal processor who will work with you, your Loan Originator and your lender from start to finish; ordering services, helping gather documentation,  coordinating every detail of your loan transaction from application to closing.  

This will be your personal team throughout your loan process, working on your behalf to ensure that you have both a pleasant, stress free loan experience and a smooth closing.

Contact United Mortgage Affiliates today and let us help

 you with your financing needs.